Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Ultimate Guide To Ash Grey Hair Color Style

Every beautiful Blonde and Brunette out there wanted to see ash grey hairstyles on them and believe me it’s not as difficult as it seems. Here we will see who we can get a ash grey shades to your hair.

ash grey hairstyle

Precautions to take before doing Ash Grey Dying

First precaution you should take before dying your hair with ash grey hair dye is that one shouldn't dye too often. If you dye your hair regularly then it harms your hair. So when you are dying with ash grey color to your hair, make sure that you didn't dye prior to 6 months. This process is a bit difficult but its worth it.

Before you are doing the bleaching, please take measures like taking conditioning to your smooth hair. Before dying, don’t wash your hair too often,

How to get Ash Grey Hair Color

You can apply ash grey hair dye shade to your hair and it doesn't matter even your hair is light or dark color. If you want to apply ash grey to your hair, keep below notes in mind.

First things first, you want to get a hair band or rubber band and brush through your hair section and divide it into three different sections, So that it will  be easier to get into hair roots.

Once you do that, just section of the hair using a brush. After that mix together the dye and put it on a plate or bowl. Go ahead and comb the rear roots and the brush makes it lot easier because the hair is not uniform and you kind of brush through the hair. So it will make the hair looks more like a natural ash grey color.

You just make sure that both the bottom and top of the hair section is covered with the grey color. Well at this point we are almost done and get the top of your head covered with all the color.

You should wait for 15 minutes and wash the hair and make sure it’s nice and dry, this is the most important point. Now you can see that the roots are darker and shinier than they were before. If you are trying to get ash grey hair color from brown or black hairs then watch below video, you don't need to spend big bucks on expensive salons.

How many days will the Ash Grey Color Last?

It doesn't last long but it does last for couple of weeks, it’s not a permanent hair dye. Use a purple shampoo to make it last longer. It will keep those purple tones in your hair from fading out. 
  • Try not to wash your hair frequently because it makes your ashy grey dye fades away. 
  • Try to touch up your hair roots as often as possible like every four to five weeks.
  • Try to use color depositing hair products so that it will help to hold the ashy shade to your hair.
  • Try not to get your hair exposed to heat. 


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