Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Low Fade Haircut: Top 10 Haircut options for Low Fades in 2017

Best Low Fade Haircuts for 2017

A blunt definition to low fade haircut is that it has less hair length on back and sides of the head than top of the head. Actually for low fade hairstyles, the hair thickness will gradually decrease alone the lines from top to bottom on back and sides.
low fade hairstyle

How to do a Low Fade Haircut

Creating a low fade haircut for men is pretty simple. If you follow all the guidelines given here then you can see a great hairstyle with good fades.

First create a guideline (at the very bottom), using the wall clipper to do this. In my opinion this is the best tool for it.

Regarding the balding process (making the most outer line), if the person has a naturally high arch right about the ear then use that as the guide line for the low fade haircut. I prefer to use some clipper to create our second guide line. 
Now to remove the first guideline and mix it with second guideline, for each guideline you should keep it in between half inch to an inch all the way around and keep these lines  proportional to one another, this will make the haircut neat and clear.

The next step is to trim all the way open the guideline half inch to an inch and it helps to take out the first guideline.

Next use any trimmer to two and a half inch tall the way around the head to create one more guide line which will take out the guideline in between which is the second line.

Then create one more guideline to takeout the second the before guideline, use a trimmer and takeout the previous guideline and to add the low fade to the haircut.

Now start with the bottom and take out the guidelines put the trimmer in number zero. As you going up to the next guideline, you should open the clipper which will create the fade to the hair. So between the half and one and half line, use number zero guard and as you go higher adjust the guard to get the low fade effect to the hairstyle.

While connecting the sides to the back makes sure that the hair fade depth is same on both places.

1. Shaved Part with textured Low Fades

textured Low Fade

2. Low Fade Pompadour Hairstyle

low fade pompadour

3. Low Fade Haircut with Comb Over

Low fade haircut with comb over

4. Low Fade with Quiff and Hard Part

Fade with Quiff and Hard Part

5. Low Fade Short Length Haircut Quiff

Short Length Haircut Quiff

6. Low Fade with Messy Hair

Low Fade with Messy Hair

7. Low fade with on top Front 

Low fade with on top Front

Below are the other three mentions of similar hairstyles.


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