Saturday, July 16, 2016

Crew Cut Haircut For Men: Best Way To Get It Done

What Is a Crew Cut Haircut

Crew cut haircut comes under short length hairstyle and its one of the difficult haircut to maintain. This haircut is one of the classic hairstyle and it looks good both on boys and men even in 2017. There many variations in crew cut like short Ivy League haircut or tapered crew cut.

If you are looking for a variation of athletic hairstyles then this is one of the best options for you and this haircut make you look sharper.

How To Do a Crew Cut For Men

Follow below steps to get the hairstyle and it’s relatively easy to get it done.
  • When you do crew cut haircut, use number 2 on your clipper and trim on the both sides with the clipper to make the hair short.
  • Use the clipper on the opposite direction of the hair growth direction so that it will be easier to cut the hair and make it liner.
  • After finishing the sides, straight the top hair down using water and cut the hair edges on the top of head. You can use your hand fingers as the reference.
  • First cut the hair on the middle and then go to the left and followed by right, like this you can make sure that all sides have the same hair length.
  • The fun thing about the crew cut haircut is that the front hair is too short compare with other hairstyles.
  • Once it’s done, comb the front hair up as much as possible and take the hair which is left and cut it down completely using scissors.
  • Then take one flat comb and just push the hair against side hair and cut the edges to blend the hair. You are free to go both horizontal and vertical.
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Different Types of Crew Cuts

There are so many variations of short and clean crew cuts but only few are so popular. If you are wondering what are those, then continue reading to know the list.

First on the list is tapered crew cut, In this style hair is cropped to very short in all directions around the head keeping more length on the top. The difference is that hair at the neck and ears is tapered with fade.
tapered hair cut

The second on the list is Ivy League haircut in which the hair length is little bit longer when compared with other hairstyle variations in crew cuts. Because of the hair length advantage, you can use many styling options in this hairstyle.
Short Ivy League Haircut

Check below are the some of the other examples of crew cuts
example cuts

Over all crew haircut is one of the best option for short length haircuts, if you like the article don't forget to comment your views on crew haircut in the comments.


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