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Line Up Haircut: Best Hairstyles for Men 2017

What is a Line Up Haircut? 

We already know that line up hairstyles are becoming so much popular for past few months. It’s getting crazier that even some most popular celebrities are having line up fades. Lets dive into what exactly this buzz about.
perfect line up haircut

There are many hairstyles which come under line up haircut and so it’s not one hairstyle but it like a way of haircut. Instead of keeping the lines at forehead natural, sharp lines are shaved to make t a line up hairstyle.

The most common lineup is with the shaved line at forehead with temples. Sometimes taper fade is mixed up with it to make the haircut more elegant.These line ups will fit perfectly with beard so you can try so different haircuts with it

How To Do a Line Up Haircut All By Yourself

Here we are going to discuss about the easiest way to do a line up haircut. If there is a troubled hairline on the forehead then keep the line up just below it so that you can avoid the trouble of showing your larger forehead.

When you start, start above the nose and create a guide by trimming small part. Don't start from one side of the forehead and trim to the other side. This will make the line up non liner.

So for line up haircut start the hairline from the middle and continue with that line for one side to avoid the jogged line. After done with the first side; go ahead and do the same line up for the other side.
                                                        hairstyle 4

Then your trimmer to vertical and trim the sides to create nice lines on the sides which connect the main line up. For vertical lines, always start where the actual eyebrows. This way you can maintain the consistency at the both sides.

You can use any shaving lotion to straighten the lines. Even after using the lotion you can still see the hairline. Use the straight edge to redefine the lineup which we created before.

Once you done with the shaving process clean it up with a neat towel and use any after shave to tighten up the skin. That’s it; you are done with the line up haircut.
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How To Keep The Line Up Fresh 

Once you get the line up haircut, you are put with the burden of keeping the line up active. For this you can do it pretty simple if you follow simple guidelines as below.

For starters you can use something like hairline card. It is a simple rectangular card which you can use for your reference to measure the hair line. Using this simple trick you can greatly increase your chances of cutting the line up perfectly.

Check below the best line up haircuts for men, you can choose any of them as per your face shape and style.
hairstyle 1

hairstyle 2

hairstyle 3

hairstyle 5

hairstyle 6

hairstyle 7

hairstyle 8

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