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The Ultimate Guide To Mohawk Designs: Best Mohawk Haircuts

Does Mohawk Haircuts Really A Good Option?

The Mohawk hairstyles are more mainstream now than ever. Both males and females have different ways to customize this style to make it their own. No longer is this style assigned to the punks or the rockers. A wide range of people with multiple backgrounds and professions have adopted this style and it's quite understandable. Did you know that Kazuhiro Watanabe had the world's tallest mohawk in 2013? It stood at 3 feet and 8.6 inches high on top of his head.
how to do mohawk designsmohawk cut for women
Mohawks have actually been around for over millennia. Back then hair was plucked from the sides to create this iconic style. They say beauty is pain but thankfully nowadays really stylish mohawk designs do not have to be that painful to do. The most recognizable way a mohawk is worn is to have both sides of the head shaved leaving a strip of hair that goes along the middle of the head from the front of the head to the back. In the 1970's this hairstyle was popularized and worn by many punks to stand out from society and be shown as free thinkers. They were definitely on to something. Just like many trends that have stood the test of time, this style has been refashioned and remodeled over the decades and has now become globally mainstream.

So Now How Can You Wear A Mohawk That Fits You? 

One general idea that has remained with all these mohawk designs is that the sides should be lower than the middle. That is the only rule! So as one would imagine, there are hundreds of ways to customize your mohawk style. All you need is a little creativity. You can combine a mohawk with locs or a bun and really make it your own. This is what makes a mohawk timeless and check this resource on how it all started. Depending on how you like it, you may only need to a little styling gel daily and a visit every to your hair stylist every two weeks to maintain this style. 

Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

These are some examples of how guys can wear their hair:
long mohawk hair

die mohawk style

mohawk on black men

Be sure to be careful with blue hair dye!
mohawk with blue die

Mohawk Hairstyles For Women

Now, for the women who want to wear a mohawk you have just as much freedom as men to express yourself through your 'do. Additionally, if you have clip in extensions then you could even put them in your mohawk for the days you want long flowing hair and take them out on days you feel a little edgier. Here are some women just killing it:
mohawk cut on women

stylish mohawk

short mohawk

short mohawk black women
Getting a really stylish mohawk haircut is more than just getting a haircut. It influences your whole style and it reflects through your clothes, walk and your attitude. You stress the small stuff just a teensy bit less.

What Are Some Ways That I Can Ensure I Maintain This Style Well?

If you cannot invest the time to maintain this style then it this style may not be for you. Maintaining this style is going to take some time especially if you choose to maintain it yourself. Some tips for keeping your style fresh at all times are:
  • When re-dyeing your hair you only need to dye the roots.
  • Avoid heat when styling your hair if it was dyed since this can be especially damaging. If you must use heat, ALWAYS use a heat protection.
  • Go over the sides once a week particularly if the sides need to be very low. If you need the sides to be bald then use an electric razor.
  • Use styling gel or glue to hold your style in place all day.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to gently cleanse your hair
  • Occasionally trim off the stringy ends.
  • Wash your hair with warm water and baking soda to clarify all the hair products off your hair. You can also use a clarifying shampoo before continuing with your normal wash routine.
  • When using gel or glue to do your spikes, blows dry your hair to set the style in place for the day.
  • If your hair is frizzy then you can flat iron your hair before you use your styling products.
  • You can use masking tape to guide you when shaving in a straight line. Do not use duct tape since this may be damaging to your hair.

What If I Want A Mohawk Haircut Without The Commitment?

Okay so if you like the look of a mohawk and if you are unsure if this style will look good on you then you can get a faux hawk. With a faux hawk the sides of your hair are braided, pinned or slicked back leaving the middle is out and giving the illusion of a mohawk. This is also a much less high maintenance style than a typical Mohawk hairstyle. With this style the middle can be done any way you want so this style is extremely flexible as well.
mohawk haircut
If you are considering getting a Mohawk hairstyles then there is no better time to get it than right now. Hair cuts are temporary so experimenting with hair is not a big deal. If you don't like it, then switch it up again. In addition, ensure that before you get this style you identify a stylist that can do mohawk designs well. Not all stylists are experts when it comes to dramatic cuts so do your research. Be sure that you take your face shape inconsideration before doing this cut as well. Make sure that the cut is flattering to your face shape. 
Style is all about self expression. We as people are always changing and so our style should most definitely reflect that. Getting out of your comfort zone in regards to your appearance can put you in the frame of mind to exit your comfort zone in your day to day life. Change can be a good thing as it helps us as individuals to learn more about ourselves as well as to be more confident in our ability to handle new situations. Honestly, it's just hair. So change it up. Haven't you had that same haircut for five years? Forgive me, but that's just so boring.


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