Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Undercut Hairstyles For Female: 10 Awesome Looks For Girls In 2017

Undercut Hairstyle Women Is The Trendiest?

If you are female and wanted to get an undercut hairstyle, you might be in doubt whether to go for it or not. You don't need to have any doubt about choosing any one of below undercut styling options.
how to do under cut
These days undercut hairstyle is one of the most stylish haircut for women, the best part is you can have undercut on short hair or medium hair or even long hair.

With no further due let’s get into the best hairstyle looks for girl.

1) Triangular Undercut

Triangular Style
In the triangular style, back hair is shaved with a mix of triangular design which looks cute when the remaining hair lifts up in the form of a bun. In this style you can find some other variations with little different design cuts.

2) Messy Pixie Cut

Messy Pixie Style
In this mess pixie style, the hair on the top will messy and you can have a mix of undercut lines at the sides or nice trim at the sides make the hairstyle unique. This is one of the best options for females who want an undercut hairstyle.

3) Grey Colored Short Cut

grey colored short hair
This haircut best suited on women for short length undercut style. This may looks like little bold but grey color combined with undercut makes it work like a charm.

4) Classic Undercut Style

classic undercut
This is the first undercut hairstyle came into existence and one of the popular cut at first. This one is a mix of trimming sides and having a pompadour style at the top. This is one of classic hairstyle which goes best on any girl.

5) Taper Boy Style

boy cut style
Having a boy cut on women is always intriguing and undercut does it in the best way. As in the above picture the sides are faded and the top pair is shaped in to a short boy cut style which makes it a boy cut tapered hairstyle.

6) Mohawk Undercut Hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyle
Mohawk haircut is one of the best options when it comes to medium hairstyle. Keeping medium hair length at the top and completely trimming the sides not only suite boy but even on a girl this style suits perfectly. It may look bold on a girl but it is trendy as well.

7) Side Swept Bangs Cut

Side Swept Bangs Cut
This is the most beautiful undercut any girl can have, I personally love this style. Those side swept bangs makes the hairstyle more lovely and elegant to look. Adding ash grey fade to the hair makes this hairstyle epic.

8) Curly Bob Style

Curly Bob Style
Not only male with curly hair but also with female with curly hair best suited for undercut hairstyle. Having curly hair makes the haircut more cute and stylish. Leaving the top curly edges floating makes the hairstyle very beautiful.

9) Beautiful Ombre

Beautiful Ombre
Having trimmed sides on ombre makes the haircut more stylish and it suites on both medium and long hair. This cut looks best on blonds with long hair.

10) Undercut With Colors

Undercut with colors
As the name suggest it has a single or mix of colors applied on top hair or sides. This looks really fabulous if you chose correct color mix and apply on the hair.

Please comment your favorite pick and do suggest if you have any other styles to add in this list.


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