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The Ultimate Guide To Tapered Haircut In 2017

What Exactly Is A Tapered Haircut?

To best define the term Tapered haircut, or tapered fade haircut as it's for the most part called; it alludes to any hairdo including the transition from short to longer hair. There are such a large number of varieties of tapered hairstyles. The experience taper haircuts brings just awesome, and with the manifold varieties, one can experience whatever type that is pleasing provided you have a trusted barber. 
tapered haircuts

The Following Are Some Styles Used In The Modeling Of Tapered Haircuts.

Indeed, tapered haircuts have existed since long, but this has not cut off their importance, they have for instance been gaining popularity as time has gone. For instance, it seems the tapered afro appear to be the most common hair styles for the modern man, and as human population and technology have been increasing, new styles seem to be adding up to these haircuts.


For those people who are down to switch it up with some heat, straightening can be another attractive option for modeling a tapered cut.

Foil Set

Foil set essentially is a mode of using aluminum foil to curl hair. This happens to be an old school trick but still has high weight today and gives fabulous results. It’s one of the hairstyles used in making of a tapered afro; it can bring more excellent result if you are using without perm rods, especially when to want needs to improvise the haircut.

Roller/Rod Set

Hair rollers can be used to achieve waves and curls without having to use a wand or curling iron. The different types of rollers include the heated one, all varying in length and width. Roller sets can be used effectively to model out the various types of tapered haircut styles.

Twist Out

Twist out typically is a low-maintenance hairdo that involves the creation of glorious spiral curls once one unravel the twists. It’s one of the styles used in the making of tapered hairstyles.

Figure Coils/Coil Out

This is often referred to as just plain old coils. This type of hair modeling really packs a punch! Coil out and coils are essentially a single strand twist and single strand Twist outs. Coil out can be done by just using a rattail comb or even your fingers) with your favorite pomade or styling pudding. Most of the tapered haircuts are modeled using this style of curl making.

Typical Tapered Haircuts

The following are typical examples of taper haircuts.

Caesar Taper Fade

Caesar taper fade

Among the African Americans, this is the best hairstyle ever. It works the best for blacks because of their skin complexion and dark hair color. This style allows for bangs and small borders to be easily combined to sideways; this is because it’s designed by making both long and short featuring on the top. Haircuts at the top have larger lengths regularly swept to the front side but not the side as many other fades would do. 

Mohawk Taper Fade

fade mohawk hairstyle

This is one of the hairstyles one can easily fade at home by the use of pomade. Mohawk taper fade is still featuring in modern times. For this type of fade, the top head part hair is longer as compared to the hair on the back of the head, allowing one to lift them simply in the faux hawk style. The length of hair reduces from the bottom to top.

Afro Taper Fade

Afro taper fade

Afro taper fade is also a type of tapered haircut, most suitable for men with kinky or curly hair. The hair curls are styled from the top, while the hair length increases from the bottom to top part running downwards till they vanish. This is a typical haircut, especially for black men. An example is shown in picture below.

Temple Fade

Cool Temple Fade

The temple fade is a taper haircut which will suits any particular color and skin tone, however, it calls for a very skilled hairdresser. The only difference between the Temple fade and a low fade is, there is an abrupt transition between the hair lengths in this style, and the temple fade is more visible and evidently clear. Below is the picture example.

High Taper Fade 

High taper fade

Similarly, just like the Temple fade, High taper fade can suit various skin tones and color, but with a little more significance for the black people. This tapered haircut fades with skin from the hair top at an approximation of 2 inches or lower. High tape fade can be a very effective style for keeping the hair shiny, and the hair can easily be held tight using pomade. To obtain the best results, one is advised to use the hair gel. This hairstyle has the low taper fade disappearing an inch above the natural hairline.

Bald Taper Fade 

Bald taper fade

Are you a man and you’re bald? You can also look smarter through the use of bald taper fade. The bald will be less visible with the Bald Taper Fade. The haircut fades from the sides towards the head’s top, I which the fade is very pronounced/large. It typically resembles the military buzz but with the only difference mentioned above. 

Comb Over Fade 

Comb over fade

Another typical example of tapered haircut is Comb Over Fade. In this style, there is the regular trimming of the bottom hair, while the top hair is left to grow and increase in length. The top hair remains above the top hair level. The top can be combed in a slick back. 

Low Taper Fade

Low taper fade

Lower taper fade is a haircut that has the more than 2 inches length fade from the hair top. In this hairstyle, the hair disappears an inch above the natural hairline. For the best result, apply hair gel to keep the hair in place when designing, and use the best shampoo. For people having the black hair, this is an excellence hairstyle, but it can as well work for individuals with a slightly curly hair.

High And Tight

High and Tight

This is a typical hair style for most military men, sometimes referred to as bald fade, though they are pretty different. The high and Tight hairstyle are achieved by shaving most of the hair style on the back and the sides of the head. Apart from this, some buzzed hairs are left on head top to give it a high and tight look.

Caesar Fade

Caesar Fade

This happens to be one of the distinctive hair styles for African Americans due to their skin complexion and the dark hair. Caesar fade is a result of short haircuts made on the sides and longer haircuts on top. The hair on the head's top is cut in larger lengths, they, besides, are swept to the front side instead of the sides as it is like in other fades. Nevertheless, bangs can still be combed to the side.

Curly Taper Fade

Curly Taper Fade

Curly Taper Fade is more suitable for men with curly hair just like the name suggests. This haircut fits very well with the different styles from like pop or modern groovy. The fade makes the curls more prominent. In most cases, the size of the hair is uniform from the back, to the sides and top but some people prefer to have a longer curly hair at the top of their head.

Fade Haircut

Fade Haircut

In starting fade haircuts, the point of starting the baseline or blending should be the first step for any taper fade haircut. 

Things To Consider When One Wishes To Start A Tapered Haircut

Mindset Is The Top Priority

Mindset refers to the consideration one should place in trial and error and the willingness to tolerate. For anyone who is willing to use a taper haircut for the first time, taking it easy is a good idea. 

Hair Clippers

Inevitably, one’s choice of hair clippers affects the real comfort of the cut and the ultimate look. Choose on the best hair clippers that pull the hair instead of cutting it. Such good examples of quality hair clippers would be Oster Fast Feed or Andis Improved Master. They work best for tapered afro.


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